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When a trial court renders its final judgment regarding your divorce or other family law matter, it does not necessarily mean the issue is forever settled. If the final divorce decree or other judgment resulted from a significant legal error, you can take the matter to the Court of Appeals and possibly reverse the trial court's ruling.

The appeals process is instrumental in ensuring justice in Texas and the United States. At O'Neil Wysocki P.C., our dedicated attorneys focus primarily on legal disputes involving Texas family law, including family law appeals.

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Common Types of Texas Family Law Appeals

At O'Neil Wysocki P.C., we can take the lead on appealable family law issues in Texas. From divorce cases to paternity matters, you can count on our team of skilled family law attorneys to deliver comprehensive legal advice and advocacy to support your interests before the Texas Court of Appeals.

Appealable Interlocutory Orders
  • An interlocutory order is one that a court issues while proceedings are ongoing. In general, interlocutory orders are not appealable. However, an order appointing a receiver is appealable. Further, courts may permit an appeal for an otherwise non-appealable interlocutory order.
Suits Affecting the Parent-Child Relationship (SAPCR)
  • SAPCR cases include child conservatorship, paternity, and adoption issues. Texas rules for civil appeals apply to final SAPCR orders. Importantly, filing an appeal does not maintain the effectiveness of a SAPCR order.
Accelerated Appeals
  • In Texas, certain family law proceedings are subject to procedures for accelerated appeals—namely parental termination cases and child protection cases.
  • Final modification orders are subject to appeal. However, temporary modification orders are considered non-appealable interlocutory orders.

How Can a Texas Appellate Attorney Help Me?

We can take the reins of your appeals case and handle the challenging legal proceedings and issues, such as:

  • Appellate filings
  • Preparing and drafting briefs for the appellee
  • Preparing and drafting briefs for the appellant
  • Developing and organizing a comprehensive record of appeal
  • Preparing and conducting oral argument
  • Preparing and filing petitions for review

Understanding Appellate Issues in Texas Family Law Practice

Each state has its laws governing family law issues. The Texas Family Code regulates family law disputes for Texas residents and their families. Therefore, Texas procedural rules also govern family law appeals cases.

In many appeals cases, the judge has failed to apply the procedural or substantive rules to your case. If such an error resulted in prejudice to the parties, the Texas Court of Appeals can reverse and remand for the trial court to correct.

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If you are looking for a qualified Texas family law appeals attorney, you should reach out to O'Neil Wysocki P.C. With over nine decades of collective legal experience, our legal team has what it takes to preserve your legal rights and your family's best interests. Respected and renowned attorneys such as Michelle O'Neil and Michael Wysocki are leaders in the family law community in Dallas and throughout Texas. You can benefit from the effective legal counsel of a certified family law specialist certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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