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Benefits of Consultation Fees

Benefits of Consultation Fees

Professional Insight from O’Neil Wysocki

At O’Neil Wysocki, we provide diligent legal services to clients in a variety of family law and divorce matters. Our firm uses tailored legal strategies in each situation, and we have guided numerous clients to successful outcomes. While some firms offer free consultations, this can actually result in a lower quality of representation and put both client and the attorney at a disadvantage. Family law cases require a tactful and meticulous approach. With our knowledgeable lawyers, you can receive the high caliber representation you need.

Why Do Attorneys Charge for Consultations?

Attorneys often provide legal advice during the initial consultation. Furthermore, their time is valuable. Lawyers and their staff must spend time preparing for the meeting, even if it is just a one-hour consultation. In addition, they often must read pleadings and research pending cases. Charging set rates for consultations is actually beneficial for both the client and the lawyer. It allows the client to obtain representation that is experienced, talented, and knowledgeable, and allows the lawyer to feel confident that the person they are speaking with is taking this very serious matter seriously.

Our attorneys charge a consultation fee because of the decades of legal experience and tenacious advocacy we have to offer. We are experts in what we do. In addition, once we meet with a person, we can never represent the other side. Once we have an initial consultation, we are able to focus our efforts on determining an effective legal strategy for the case.

How Much Do Family Law Attorneys Charge for Consultations?

Unlike personal injury attorneys, who usually charge a contingency fee to get a percentage of the settlement won, family law firms usually charge an hourly rate for their services. This is known as a billable hour, and includes consultations, meetings, and any time spent working on the case. Hourly rates vary depending on the experience and skill of the attorney, but they can be up to a few hundred dollars per hour.

Are there Any Drawbacks to Free Consultations?

Despite the opinion that free consultations are beneficial, they actually create several disadvantages for the client and attorney. The client may not receive the best representation available for their situation, and will end up wasting time. In addition, the law firm will spend time and give advice to someone who may not even have a legitimate case or who is not serious about hiring legal counsel. By charging consultation fees, the client and attorney can benefit from an effective and intentional relationship.

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At O’Neil Wysocki, we provide thorough and strategic representation to clients in all kinds of divorce and family law issues. With more than 155 years of combined legal experience, and numerous awards and accolades by respected organizations, our lawyers fight tirelessly on behalf of clients. What we offer is more than just run of the mill family law advice. That is why we provide consultations to prospective clients at an hourly rate. Our legal team pours our knowledge and skill into each case to help clients pursue a favorable outcome. We can discuss your situation and tenaciously uphold your rights through mediation or litigation.

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