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At O’Neil Wysocki P.C., our Dallas divorce and family lawyers have more than 155 years of combined experience providing the best-possible representation to individuals and families throughout Texas. Our boutique law firm is dedicated to providing knowledgeable, professional, and effective legal counsel for all types of family law and divorce matters.

In order to best prepare yourself for whatever comes your way during the divorce process, it is vital that you have a qualified divorce attorney by your side. At O’Neil Wysocki P.C., our firm is led by two board-certified family law specialists. When you work with our experienced Dallas family law attorneys, you can trust that we will have your best interests in mind.

Why Choose a Dallas Family Lawyer From O’Neil Wysocki P.C.?

  • We have over 155 years of combined experience in divorce and family law
  • Our team includes board-certified attorneys and board-certified paralegals
  • Our Dallas family law attorneys have garnered numerous industry awards and distinctions
  • We stand by every client and advocate for them at all hearings and trials
  • We stay in contact with clients so they always know what's happening

Whether you need assistance with a divorce, paternity action, child custody dispute, or post-decree modification, you can be confident that our experienced Dallas, TX family law attorneys will use our extensive legal knowledge and resources to pursue your ideal outcome. Our team of full custody lawyers understands the stress and difficulties our clients face during their family law cases, which is why we tirelessly strive to provide the outstanding counsel and advocacy they deserve. Our local clients rely on us when they need a family lawyer to help them with child custody cases in and around Dallas.

Benefits to Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Dallas, TX

While having a lawyer isn't legally required to file for divorce, it does come with unique advantages that are worth having. While some couples choose the route of "do-it-yourself" divorce, there is no guarantee that your best interests will be prioritized.

Here are just a few reasons why you need legal representation when filing for divorce:

  • Expertise - if I were to ask you what Texas law says about asset and debt division, what would you reply? It is for reasons like this that our expertise and knowledge is so valuable. We not only interpret the law for you, we help you understand it in a way that encourages collaboration. These discussions will help us tailor a plan that adapts to your unique circumstances.
  • Children - if custody and visitation rights are at stake, divorces can become emotionally exhausting. We take any clouds away from judgement and create agreements that prioritize your children's best interests.
  • Objectivity - due to the emotions of divorce, you will need someone to keep you on the right path. There are times when issues aren't worth your effort in pursuing, which could lead to financial strain. Our divorce attorneys can help the processes move along faster and more efficiently.
  • Fair Playing Field - if your spouse hired an attorney you will want to do the same. Knowledgeable lawyers can directly attack your assets, parental rights, and financial future. Protect yourself today by giving us a call!

Get started on a personalized strategy! Contact the Dallas family lawyers at O’Neil Wysocki P.C. at (972) 852-8000 for an initial consultation. We serve clients throughout Texas. Se habla español.

Types of Divorce & Family Cases We Handle

  • Divorce: Texas has very complex divorce laws and requirements for dissolving a marriage. Make sure you have the guidance of a Dallas family law attorney who has your best interests in mind.To get a divorce in Texas, you must meet the residency requirements, undergo a waiting period after filing, and have a reason for your divorce. Texas recognizes no-fault divorce, so you can get a divorce due to “irreconcilable differences” or for other reason, such as adultery or cruel treatment. Our family lawyers can explain every step in detail and make the divorce process as smooth as possible.

  • Child Custody:Conservatorship,” as it’s called in Texas, is a major part of any divorce involving children. Your children’s emotional, mental, and physical care needs to be protected during and after a divorce. Our family lawyers in Dallas can help you fight to protect your child’s best interests. This could take the form of joint managing conservatorship if you and the other parent are prepared to co-parent your children, or sole managing conservatorship if it is in your children’s best interests to remain in your care alone.

  • Same-Sex Divorce & Custody: Divorce and custody is even more complex for same-sex couples since same-sex marriage and divorce has far less history. Our family law attorneys in Dallas are experienced advocates for the rights LGBT individuals in same-sex divorces and same-sex custody disputes.

  • Child Support: In a Texas, both parents are required to financially support the child after a divorce. This means that child support will need to be decided either through an agreement or by a judge. Having a Dallas family law attorney on your side to argue your case is a vital for obtaining a fair support order.

  • Enforcement: After a divorce, it is often necessary to petition the court to enforce an order of support or custody. Get in touch with our Dallas family lawyers immediately if your ex has stopped paying alimony or child support, or if they are preventing you from seeing your child. Our team can advocate for you as you seek to enforce court-ordered support or access to your child.

  • Paternity: Another vital part of any Texas divorce or conservatorship case is the establishment of paternity. While mothers automatically have parental rights at the time their child is born, fathers in Texas must establish paternity, either voluntarily or with a paternity test, in order to protect their parental rights. We can help you establish paternity and fight for your rights regarding your children.

  • Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements: Does your marriage involve a high net worth? Whether you are not yet married or have already said your vows, a marital agreement can give you and your partner peace about the future. Prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements are a tool to help you protect your hard-earned legacy.

Our Dallas TX Family Law Attorneys Can Help

Our team of experienced Dallas family law attorneys at O'Neil Wysocki P.C. has been proud to serve the families of Dallas County, Texas for over 155 years. Michael Wysocki and Michelle O'Neil are both board-certified family lawyers with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. All of us at our firm will work together on your case and support you during this difficult time.

Contact us online or call (972) 852-8000 today to set up a consultation with an experienced Dallas, TX family law attorney! Se habla español.

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