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Divorce Season - 6 topics to consider when meeting with a lawyer

January is the month for examination of our lives to find areas for improvement. Some join a gym; others focus on weight loss or financial budgeting. But yet others contemplate a more major life change in January – divorce. January to March has become known as the “Divorce Season” with the highest incidence of couples filing for divorce.

According to a study conducted by and reported in Divorce Magazine, between 2008 and 2011 divorce filings spiked in January, continued to rise through February, then peaked in late March. The first three months of the year are looked upon as the time to start a divorce action.

So where does one start when reaching the decision to start a divorce? Most people start searching for a lawyer by asking friends for advice and searching the internet, but here are six topics to consider:

1. Identify the potential need for a divorce attorney early.

2. Reach out to trusted resources for referrals.

3. Hire an attorney certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in family law.

4. Ask questions of the attorney at the initial consultation.

5. Take inventory after the meeting regarding your feelings regarding the lawyer interviewed.

6. Trust your gut – if it doesn’t not seem right, it probably isn’t.

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