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Why choose a board certified family law attorney?

Board certification in Texas is a voluntary designation program for attorneys and paralegals. To become board certified, an attorney must have been licensed to practice law for at least 5 years, devoted a substantial percentage of his or her practice to family law for at least three years, demonstrated experience and involvement in handling family law cases, attended continuing education in the area of family law, and passed a peer review. Once all of these criteria are met, an attorney may then sit for a 6-hour grueling written exam. If passed, the attorney is board certified for a period of 5-years, subject to renewal.

Out of over 70,000 attorneys in the State of Texas, only 797 are board certified in family law!

O’Neil Wysocki has three lawyers and one paralegal that are board certified in family law. Michelle May O’Neil has been board certified in family law since 1997, and recertified every five years since. Michael D. Wysocki received his board certification in family law in 2011 and Sandra Allen, paralegal to Michelle O’Neil, received her certification in family law from the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in 2007, making her one of only four board certified family law paralegals in Dallas County, Texas.

Hiring a board certified family law attorney to represent you in your family law or divorce matter, whether you are in Dallas or anywhere in the State of Texas, ensures you give yourself the best chance at a successful outcome. You can be assured that an attorney who is board certified has at least a minimum level of competence, experience, and expertise to handle your matter.