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Use of Electronic Communication to Supplement Periods of Possession with Children:

Although many families reside within close proximity to one another, there are a lot of families where the non-primary conservator lives a great distance from the primary residence of their children. This distance can make it more difficult for the parent to consistently exercise their possession with the children. It can also make it more difficult for that parent to maintain a meaningful relationship with their children. Advancements in technology can make it easier to maintain consistent communication with children, regardless of the distance between the parent and child.

Electronic communication provisions in child custody orders allow parents the opportunity to see and speak to their children more frequently. Many Texas courts are willing to order electronic communication between the non-primary parent and the children to supplement a parent’s periods of possession of and access to children. This electronic communication can be in the form of telephone access, email access, Skype or Face Time. As technology continues to develop and improve it becomes easier for courts to accommodate a parent’s request for additional access with their children. Most Texas courts are unwilling to order electronic communication on a daily basis, but most will consistently order every other day or at least 3 times per week. Generally, electronic communication is to occur for up to 30 minutes on each day that it is ordered by the Court.