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Dallas Mayor's Rally Against Domestic Violence This Saturday

As divorce attorneys in the Dallas area, we are unfortunately familiar with the harsh reality of domestic violence. We have stared into the eyes of the victims, watched them garner the strength to face their abuser and take the hard-fought steps toward regaining a life where they are in control. Domestic violence often hides in plain sight across all economic backgrounds, religions and races. The more light that we can shine on this issue, the better.

Now, Dallas mayor Mike Rawlings is speaking out against domestic violence and is calling on men to help end domestic abuse. To raise awareness and further this initiative, Mayor Rawlings has organized a rally against domestic violence this Saturday, March 23, 2013. The rally is scheduled to take place at City Hall and will include an impressive roster of political and sports-celebrity speakers and attendees. Emmitt Smith, Roger Staubach, Don McPherson, Brandon Carr, and possibly Dirk Nowitzki will be in attendance. State Representative Rafael Anchia will be the emcee for the Saturday event. Other speakers include: former soccer player Daniel Hernández, Bishop of Dallas Kevin Farrell, sportscaster Dale Hansen and State Rep. Jason Villalba, who will talk about four bills that would help combat domestic violence.

The rally will be this Saturday, March 23, 2013, beginning at 10 a.m. at City Hall at 1500 Marilla Street.