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The Company You Keep Could Have an Effect on Custody and Divorce in Texas

The effects of domestic violence, alcohol abuse and adultery have come into the spotlight with the recent Houston, Texas celebrity divorce involving hand surgeon, Michael Brown of the Brown Hand Center, and his Wife, Rachel Brown.

As documented by Page Six of the New York Times, Page Six, Rachel Brown has made allegations against Michael Brown of domestic violence. These allegations have resulted in criminal assault charges of which Michael Brown was acquitted in 2010

Mr. Brown has also testified during the divorce to paying for the company of women up to “three at a time.” Mr. Brown testified that he would not expose his children to his dating or other adult activities. The allegations of domestic violence and adultery have had long lasting effects on the Brown divorce. The Divorce Court has ordered that Michael Brown should only have supervised possession and access of the children at this time.

Rachel Brown is currently in a romantic relationship with former Houston Astros baseball player, Jeff Bagwell, who she says she plans to marry. Jeff Bagwell has become a player in the divorce action due to his relationship with Rachel, his interaction with the Brown children, and his alcohol abuse. Rachel Brown has previously testified that she is in a relationship with Jeff Bagwell and that Bagwell recently went to rehab for alcohol abuse but did not complete the rehabilitation program.

A Court has the ability during and after a divorce action to order parents to not allow certain people to be in the presence of the children if the Court finds that it is not in the children’s best interest to be around said people. If the Court were to find that prior or potential alcohol abuse by Jeff Bagwell is not in the children’s best interest, the Court could order Rachel Brown to not have the Brown children in Bagwell’s presence on not only a temporary but permanent basis. This could have serious ramifications for the pending divorce and her eventual marriage to Bagwell. The Court has not enjoined Rachel Brown from allowing the children to be in the presence of Jeff Bagwell at this time. Additionally, the Court could order Michael Brown to not allow the children to be in the presence of certain people including the company of certain female companions due to his prior testimony regarding his payment for the company of certain women.

The next hearing in this divorce is scheduled for February 7, 2013.