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A Kid's Guide to Divorce

Children are the innocent victims of divorce. Sometimes they blame themselves for the family’s breakup and try to "fix" it. Children need to be reminded that, just because mom and dad are getting a divorce, that does not mean that they don’t both love the children. Also, they need to be reassured that just because one of the parents is leaving the household, does not mean they are leaving the child.

A Kid’s Guide to Divorce is a website that I found from a post from Michael Sherman of AlabamaFamilyLawBlog. This website is a wonderful resource aimed at children of divorce. The website says, "Sometimes the feelings kids have about their parents’ divorce are so strong that kids have a hard time concentrating on anything else. When kids are very sad, mad, or worried, they may have trouble paying attention in class…" Not only is this website insightful, it is especially important because it is aimed at kids on their level. There’s also an article on Living With A Stepparent, Being Adopted, What Should I Do If My Family Fights, and Why Am I So Sad. For every parent going through a divorce with kids, this webiste is a must read for both the parents and the children.