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Expert Witnesses in Child Custody Battles - Divorce & Expert Witnesses, Part 2

Earlier this month, in part one of this blog series, we wrote about leveraging expert witnesses in financial disputes. Today, we're tackling another type of family law dispute where expert witnesses are commonly used: custody battles. Knowing more about expert witnesses for custody cases could help you get the best outcome for your child in your case.

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Forensic Accountants

In part one, we also mentioned forensic accountants. While they often appear as part of property division disputes, they can also play an important role in custody and child support cases.

To determine how much child support a party owes, the court takes several factors into account, including the financial health of both parties. Sometimes, individuals will attempt to appear less financially stable than they really are to avoid paying for child support.

If you suspect your co-parent may be engaging in such behavior, a forensic accountant may be able to help you seek a more equitable outcome by uncovering any falsehoods told to the court by the other party.

Employment Experts

Like fiscal health, the employability of parents often plays a central role in custody and child support disputes. In any custody battle, the court prioritizes the child's best interests. The judge presiding over the case will want to ensure the child receives the resources they need to thrive.

If you feel as though your co-parent is attempting to skimp on child support due to assertions about your financial health, an employment expert who can provide the court with a report about your employability and financial future may be useful.

Employment experts can also be particularly useful in cases where the custodial parent was a stay-at-home parent during the divorce. They can provide the court with a realistic timeline for how long it could take the parent to return to the workplace or earn enough to support themselves and their child, which can be helpful information for the court.

Child Psychologists

The court may not generally be beholden to the opinions of expert witnesses in court cases, but most courts will take their opinions seriously.

Generally, courts tend to default toward joint custody cases, giving each parent legal and physical custody rights and attempting to ensure the child spends a good amount of time living with each parent. If you believe your co-parent could be a danger to your child or will provide them with an unhealthy environment, a child psychologist could help provide evidence for those assertions in court.

By talking with you, your child(ren), and your co-parent (if possible), a psychologist can attempt to present the court with an unbiased account of how various custody arrangements could impact the child's well-being.

Child Physicians (Pediatricians)

If your child has a medical condition, it will probably play a role in your custody or child support case. How you decide to divide insurance premiums with your co-parent, and any changes to housing you need to ensure your child receives the appropriate care, could both be major factors in your custody battle.

A skilled pediatrician or medical expert witness can provide the court with testimony and evidence of your child's condition and the type of care that would help address it.

If you want the best future for your child and they are affected by a medical condition, consider bringing a medical expert witness onto your case.

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