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Can Your License Be Suspended to Enforce Family Support Orders?

Parents have a legal duty to support their children by providing them with necessities such as clothing, food, shelter, education, and health care. The State of Texas has a governmental interest in making sure parents honor their parental duties toward their children.

Different Texas laws reflect this public policy interest, such as the law keeping a parent’s estate on the hook for child support payments after their death and the law prohibiting premarital agreements from adversely affecting a parent’s right to receive child support. Another rule that illuminates the importance of child support is the law authorizing courts to suspend any licenses of a party if they fall far behind on their child support payments.

License Suspensions for Enforcing Child Support Orders

Under Texas Family Code § 232.003, a court or child support enforcement agency can suspend someone’s licenses under the following circumstances:

  • Failing to comply with a child support order
  • Failing to comply with a subpoena issued in a parentage or child support proceeding
  • Failing to comply with a possession order for access to a child

With regard to a party’s noncompliance with a child support order, the court can suspend licenses if the party owes more than three month’s worth of child support and failed to comply with a repayment schedule for becoming current on their support obligations. Texas courts may also prevent a party with overdue child support obligations from initially obtaining a license or renewing a license that is about to expire.

Texas Family Code § 232.001 defines “license” to include any license, permit, or other authorization that a licensing authority issue in order for individuals to legally do something. As a result, a court can suspend almost any conceivable type of license for falling behind on, or refusing to pay, child support, including licenses for:

  • Motor vehicle operation
  • Business operation
  • Hunting
  • Alcohol sales
  • Firearms carrying
  • Legal practice
  • Medical practice
  • Dental practice
  • Accounting practice

Vacating or Stay a License Suspension Order

Under Texas Family Code § 232.13(a), a court can vacate or stay a license suspension order through compliance with their legal obligations.

License suspension orders may be vacated or stayed if:

  • The noncomplying party paid all overdue child support
  • The noncomplying party complied with a reissued subpoena
  • The noncomplying party allowed access to a child under a possession order
  • A child support enforcement agency finds good cause for vacating or staying the order

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