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Can I pay my child support directly to the other parent instead of making payments through the State?

The simplest answer to this question is no. It is never a good idea to make any direct payments of child support to the other parent. Most Texas divorce decrees and custody orders contain very specific language prohibiting these kinds of payments. Direct payments of child support in Texas are characterized as informal payments of child support. Most Texas child support orders specifically state that any informal child support payments made are considered payments made in addition to child support not payments made in lieu of child support. Therefore, any informal payments of child support are essentially gifts to the other parent.

If you have made the mistake that many parents have in Texas, and have made child support payments directly to the other parent, stop immediately. Obtain a copy of an Affidavit of Informal Payment from the Texas Attorney General website or contact a Dallas divorce lawyer or Dallas child custody lawyer to assist you with getting the other parent to execute an affidavit confirming the direct payments of child support received. Moving forward make all payments of child support through the state disbursement unit in San Antonio.