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When You Can't Agree, Let Your Order Be Your Guide

In perfect world, former spouses would always agree on possession time with their kids and would cooperate so well with each other that they would never even need to consult their divorce decrees. This happens in a few rare cases. But, more often than not the relationship between exs is emotionally charged and the same communication problems that contributed to the end of the romantic relationship persist. This is not to say good co-parenting is impossible. But gray areas still arise even when both parties truly have their children’s best interests at heart and people get confused about things like summer possession time, when father’s day visitation ends, who has the right to enroll the children in school or counseling, and what is supposed to happen with medical reimbursement.

The solution to all of this simply put is become an expert when it comes to your divorce decree. Know it front and back. Have your attorney explain the things that confuse you. Scan a copy into your computer and have access to it on your phone at all times. Keep a copy in the glove compartment of your car. When disputes arise about pick up time or where the kids are supposed to be dropped off you can flip open your decree and quickly resolve the issue instead of going back and forth with your ex and getting into a he–said she –said fight.

Because understanding your divorce decree or other child-related orders is so important, make sure you consult your attorney to explain things you might not understand. Even if it has been years since your divorce, schedule an appointment with your previous attorney to get questions answered. Or, if you would rather seek the advice of someone new, schedule a consultation with another experienced family lawyer. The piece of mind a consultation fee could buy you may be priceless.