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When Business Owners Divorce: The Importance of Business Valuations

A few years back, many individuals found themselves searching for new careers after the economy plummeted. Some took jobs similar to those they left behind while others chose to make their own paths and open small businesses.

Both the Wall Street Journal and Forbes report that some entrepreneurial businessmen and women with new startups were recently hiring at “a red hot pace.” In fact, Forbes notes hiring for entrepreneurial companies rose over 13 percent compared to last year, a much stronger increase than that of established companies, which reported hiring growth levels at 3 percent.

As these new businesses thrive, owners may have to address other concerns. Although there is no evidence to support the notion that divorce rates are higher for business owners than other couples, it is hard to ignore the high level of stress and long hours required to run a successful business. Unfortunately, these factors can play roles in the breakdown of a marriage.