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What to Wear and how to Appear at Your Temporary Orders Hearing:

Keep in mind that your temporary orders hearing is generally your first opportunity to come face to face with the judge that could be deciding issues involving your children until they turn 18 or graduate from high school.

The way that you present yourself to the Judge could have an impact on the outcome of your case.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when getting ready to go to your temporary orders hearing:

  • Be sure that your hair is clean and combed;
  • Be sure that your facial hair is groomed in a way that it looks neat and clean;
  • Wear slacks and a shirt with a collar if you own them;
  • Do not go out and buy these items of clothing just for court;
  • If you do not own slacks wear a nice shirt and long pants;
  • Do not wear a tank top or sleeveless shirt;
  • Do not wear shorts;
  • If you wear a skirt make sure that it is not too short;
  • If you wear pants make sure that they do not fall too low exposing your underwear;
  • Do not wear flip-flops;
  • Make sure that all shirts cover your stomach;
  • Do not show too much skin in court;
  • Do not wear a hat or cap to court;
  • Do not chew gum once you are in the courtroom; and
  • Make sure that you have your cell phone turned off once you are in the courtroom.