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Dr. Phil asks, Are You Ready for a Divorce?

About 20% of people that contact a lawyer about a divorce are not "ready" to actually get a divorce, according to a statistic cited by Dr. Phil on his show today Are You Ready For Divorce? Dr. Phil believes that most people are too quick to get divorced.

As a Dallas divorce lawyer, I routinely advise my clients that they should explore every option for keeping their marriage together before going the divorce route. Dr. Phil agrees. He says before you get a divorce, you should make sure your emotional business is finished, you are prepared legally, and you are ready to move to a co-parenting relationship with your spouse (instead of the married dynamics you have been in).

Dr. Phil has a Divorce Readiness Test:

  1. Have you done everything you can to save your marriage?
  2. Do you have unfinished emotional business?
  3. Have you researched, planned, and prepared yourself legally for divorce?
  4. Are you ready to adopt a new standard of conduct with your children?
  5. Are you will to create a new relationship as a co-parent?

To make sure you are ready for divorce, Dr. Phil suggests reading books about repairing your marriage, going to a marriage counselor, speaking with a clergy person or spiritual advisor, and spending time focusing on what each person’s role is in the marital break-up. Evaluate: How did the marriage go wrong? Is what fight is about worth ruining the marriage? Are you willing to put in the effort to make the relationship work? What is your role in causing the break-up?

You know you are ready for a divorce when you can walk out the door with no anger, frustration, or hurt. Otherwise, you have unfinished business, says Dr. Phil.

Tomorrow… Divorce Survival Tips.