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Our experienced and dedicated family law team takes a personalized approach to every case. When we take your case, our attorneys invest the time to really learn about you and your concerns, your family and their needs.

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Are you a divorced parent currently facing a relocation issue? Whether you are a custodial parent who needs to petition the court for permission to move or a non-custodial parent who needs to challenge the potential relocation of your children with your co-parent, O’Neil Wysocki P.C. can help. Our award-winning Fort Worth relocation lawyers are well-versed in Texas relocation law and the toll that the conflicts inherent to these efforts can take on a family. We have the experience, knowledge, and resources to help you arrive at the most amicable outcome possible during this uncertain time.

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Petitioning for & Challenging Relocation

If you are a custodial parent looking to relocate with your children, then you must notify the court of your intention to move. Please note that attempting to move with your children without notifying the court is strictly prohibited. Once this request if filed, your co-parent will then have window of time to file a temporary restraining order that can prevent the relocation. If this happens, a hearing will be set and both parents will appear in court.

Relocation hearings are much like other child custody hearings and as far as the court is concerned, the best interests of the child remains the top priority. Both parents will have the opportunity (with their respective counsel) to argue for and against the move, but the court will make the ultimate decision of whether or not it can occur.

In relocation cases, the court is likely to consider:

  • The reason for the move and if it benefits the child in any way
  • How the proposed relocation will affect parenting time
  • The child’s relationship with and access to extended family
  • Both parents’ ability to provide for the child if the relocation happens
  • Any significant ties the child has to their current community

Every family’s circumstances are different and a clear and prepared presentation to the court as to why a relocation should or should not happen is necessary for each parent. At O’Neil Wysocki P.C. we know how to strongly and effectively assert the needs of both our clients and their children in these cases and ensure that court truly considers the full impact of a relocation in the life of a child.

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