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Divorce, There's Now an App For That!

Our DivorceApp — Divorce Cost & Prep — for the iPhone was featured on CBS 11 news last night. In an article entitled Divorce, There’s Now An App For That, Carol Cavazos points out that there’s over 100,000 iPhone apps and our’s is the first for divorce.

May 12, 2010 10:08 pm US/Central

Divorce, There’s Now An App For That

FORT WORTH (CBS 11 / TXA 21) -

There are more than more than 100,000 iPhone apps by some social media estimates. There are apps for math, mood check and moron tests. But what about one for a marriage that’s over.

Now there’s even an app for that. It’s called Divorce Cost and Prep. It’s the brain child of Dallas Attorney Michelle O’Neill and Fort Worth CPA Bryan Rice.

"The apps we’re coming out with are really meant for the person going through the divorce in terms of helping them understand the costs and understanding the types of documents that are needed" explains Rice.

Rice, a $300 an hour CPA, knows the costs associated with divorce. He’s created a list of possible expenses for what will soon become two, separate households. He’s even listed things you wouldn’t think of like parking expenses. "What if your attorney’s downtown and you have to pay $10 every time you have to go see him," Rice said.

The app has been available in the iTunes store for just three weeks and has only attracted about a dozen buyers. App users like Victoria Huyge think someone would use it if it was applicable. At $4.99, it also would cost a fraction of a CPA.

Rice says they’ll have two more divorce related apps out soon. One is a property divider, the other is a child custody calendar.