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Divorce Apps now available for the iPhone!

Divorce Apps for iPhoneDallas, Texas — Michelle May O’Neil of Dallas’ divorce boutique firm O’Neil Anderson announces the release of Divorce Cost & Prep — the first in a planned line of divorce-related apps for the iPhone. She and her business partner, forensic CPA Bryan C. Rice, saw a niche in the iPhone app industry that was not being met. "When I got my iPhone, I couldn’t believe how many games were available, but so few apps for divorces," said Rice. "Michelle and I teamed up to develop some apps that would be beneficial for our clients to use."

Divorce Cost & Prep serves two purposes. First, a person contemplating divorce can assess the hidden and direct costs of divorce, such as the cost of providing two houses, two wardrobes for the children, or transportation costs for exchanging the children between houses. Second, the app gives divorce clients a list of information and documents to gather for their lawyer to assist preparation of their divorce. O’Neil wanted to provide an app that would make a client’s life easier and her own as well. "Many times clients want to know what documents they can gather for their lawyer, so this will give an easy way for clients to gather everything I will need for their case," says O’Neil.

Divorce Cost & Prep is available on iTunes for $4.99.

The pair have more apps in the works. Bear Cahill of assisted with the development of the divorce apps for the iPhone.