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Dealing with Issues of Conservatorship in Texas

In Texas, child custody is referred to as conservatorship. It is important to note that the court does not privilege one parent over the other when making custody decisions. Instead, it looks to uphold an arrangement that is in the child’s best interests. This is often complex because determining what represents a child’s ‘best interests’ can be difficult – hence why many custody cases are highly contested between both parties. Ultimately, it is up to the judge presiding over each case to determine how custody should be allocated to ensure as positive an outcome as possible for all involved.

There are two types of custody in Texas:

  • Sole managing conservatorship
  • Joint managing conservatorship

The courts recognize two primary types of conservatorship arrangements: sole and joint. In a sole conservatorship arrangement, one parent is awarded exclusive rights to making decisions about the child's life and upbringing; the other parent may be granted possessory conservatorship that allows them visitation rights with their child. In contrast, when both parents are awarded a joint managing conservatorship arrangement, they will submit an agreed-upon parenting plan that outlines how parenting time will be divided. In Texas, joint managing conservatorship is the most common.

If you live in the Houston area and are struggling with a challenging custody matter, you are not alone. Reach out to O’Neil Wysocki P.C.for strong representation from experienced litigators.

Litigating Child Custody & Visitation Disputes

Custody litigation in Texas Family Court is a complex process that can be emotionally taxing for all parties involved. Families embarking on the custody battle should seek strong legal representation to ensure their rights are protected and their interests are taken into account. As such, it is recommended that you obtain experienced counsel who understands the nuances of the Texas family law system, like our Houston custody attorneys at O'Neil Wysocki P.C.

We are experienced in all types of custody litigation, including those involving:

  • Divorce litigation
  • Modification of existing custody orders
  • Enforcement of custody orders
  • Paternity matters
  • Issues where a parent is deemed unfit by the courts

Experienced Legal Help in Developing a Parenting Plan

A parenting plan is a written agreement that outlines the rights and responsibilities of each parent regarding their child's upbringing and parenting time. It typically includes practical details about the conservatorship, possession of the child, visitation schedules, holidays and special occasions, the process for modifying the plan in the future, how communication between parents about the child should be conducted, preferred dispute resolution methods, and more.

When dealing with a custody dispute, your attorney can help:

  • Support you in negotiating a fair agreement
  • Provide you with experienced insight into how similar family law matters have been resolved
  • Uncover all your legal options for the given situation so that you can make an informed decision
  • Offer knowledgeable guidance to you when making crucial legal decisions that will affect your family
  • Represent you during dispute resolution, such as mediation or arbitration
  • Represent you in court should your custody matter require litigation

Reaching an agreement on your parenting plan outside of court can be incredibly beneficial for all parties involved since both parents have had input into the plan, and it takes into account their individual needs as well as their shared goals when it comes to raising their children together. However, this is not possible for all families. If both parents are unable to come to an agreement or fail to submit a suitable parenting plan that the courts approve, then the court will take over and devise their own parenting plan based on what they believe to be in the best interest of the child.

Working with an experienced attorney, such as O’Neil Wysocki P.C., will give you a better chance of negotiating an advantageous parenting plan that both parties agree on and which also meets with court approval.

O’Neil Wysocki P.C. Is Here for Texas Families

Our attorneys are known for helping to guide their clients through the court process, ensuring pleadings and motions are filed properly, representing them during hearings, and providing valuable advice along the way. Without qualified representation, individuals may not be aware of their legal rights or how to present their cases effectively.

Through our law firm's diligent advocacy, families in Texas can gain peace of mind that their family's best interests will take priority. Our aim is to help our clients secure a fair outcome for their custody dispute and hopefully alleviate some of the emotional burdens that come with it.

Our law firm has helped many Houston families through complex custody disputes, and we are ready to help you, too. Call our firm at (713) 224-1800 or schedule a consultation online.

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