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What You Should Know as Texas Reopens

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott passed Executive Order GA-34, officially lifting the mask mandate in Texas and easing other COVID-related restrictions. Today, we're telling you everything you need to know about how Texas plans to handle COVID-19 going forward.

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How Are Schools Handling Reopening? What Does It Mean for Co-Parents?

Under the Executive Order, ISDs (Independent School Districts) can still choose how to handle the COVID-19 pandemic on an ISD-by-ISD basis. For example, Dallas ISD currently still requires staff and students to wear masks unless they're participating in an activity such as recess that requires removing the mask. Other ISDs, however, have removed mask mandates entirely.

If you want to find out how your ISD is handling the mask mandate and Executive Order, visit your ISD's site. If you have concerns, you can always attend a school board meeting to discuss them with other parents or school officials.

For co-parents in custody arrangements, the Executive Order represents a significant change in parenting responsibilities, especially in cases where co-parents disagree on the importance of measures such as social distancing or wearing a mask. However, the Executive Order will make it more difficult for parents to get custody modifications on the basis of a parent refusing to abide by COVID-19-related safety protocols.

What About Businesses?

Businesses can now reopen to 100% capacity. However, County courts can still put restrictions in place and even reinstate mask mandates if the number of COVID cases in that County surpasses a certain point.

Lifting the mask mandate represents and other COVID-19-related restrictions will change life for Texans everywhere, representing a significant shift in the state’s ongoing battle against the pandemic. As more and more vaccines are administered, the state should continue to shift back towards a state of normalcy.

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