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Stimulus Check

What to Know About the Stimulus - Dependents, Debts & More

Congress just passed the third stimulus check intended to help Americans deal with COVID-induced financial struggles. If you have questions about how the presence of defendants may impact your stimulus or whether it could be seized to repay debts, you're not alone. Today, we're answering your stimulus-related questions.

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Can My Stimulus Be Seized?

Unlike the first stimulus package, the third stimulus cannot be seized by the IRS or another government-affiliated organization to repay debts such as unpaid taxes or child support. However, private collects can still collect the third stimulus to repay private liabilities, such as reparations ordered in a civil judgment or those taken out as a private loan.

The ability for private collectors to seize the stimulus has proven controversial, and lawmakers in several states have moved to pass legislation that would prevent it. Whether they'll be successful remains to be seen.

Am I Eligible to Receive More Money Because I Have Dependents?

Another major change to the third stimulus was a difference in requirements concerning the eligibility of dependents. In previous stimulus bills, parents and guardians or conservators only received additional stimulus funds if their dependents were under the age of majority (18).

However, that restriction was lifted for the third stimulus bill, so parents and guardians of adults or children currently in college will receive additional funds. This could come as much-needed relief for parents across the country who have found themselves housing their adult children or elderly relatives throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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