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Attorney O'Neil's LGBT Article Named "Top Ten" by LexBlog Network

O’Neil Wysocki is pleased to announce that "What is a Parent? Broadening the definition of parent in gay and lesbian same sex relationships," a blog post written by Attorney Michelle O'Neil, was recently named in the "Top 10 in Law Blogs" by the LexBlog Network and the LXBN Network.

The LexBlog Network is a comprehensive portal to online content meant to "empower lawyers to advance law and their practice with a modern publishing platform, ongoing education and resources, a network of authors, and client-centric support." The network periodically curates its "Top 10 in Law Blogs," highlighting the most trusted and relevant writings from attorneys around the web.

Establishing a Broader View of "Parenthood"

Attorney O'Neil, who has long been an advocate for the Texas LGBT community in the family law and divorce arena, maintains her own LGBT legal blog called Gay & Lesbian Family Law in Texas. In her latest post, she examines a common dilemma facing unmarried LGBT couples with children who then decide to split up: who has parental rights?

Traditionally, biology has held sway in these legal determinations but, as Attorney O'Neil points out, other considerations are finding their way into the conversation. The New York Court of Appeals recently heard the case of Brooke Barone, who is appealing to have her parental rights recognized. Barone had been in a long-term relationship with Elizabeth Cleland when Cleland had a son via artificial insemination. Now split up, Barone is looking to have her role in the life of Cleland's son legally recognized. "I was his Mamma B," Ms. Barone told the court. "I live for the day I get to wrap my arms around him and tell him how much I missed him."

As Attorney O'Neil notes, last year's landmark Supreme Court decision legalizing same-sex marriage has not eliminated the countless unmarried LGBT couples who have raised children without having their unions legally recognized. A 2013 study estimated that nearly 15% of unmarried, same-sex couples in the U.S. are raising children. If those couples have split or chosen not to marry or seek an adoption solution, they could face a similar legal dilemma if they decide to end their partnership.

Read all of "What is a Parent? Broadening the definition of parent in gay and lesbian same sex relationships" at Attorney O'Neil's blog here.

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