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Top Five Signs your Marriage is in Trouble

Frequently I encounter clients in my Dallas divorce law firm that share common signs that their marriage has come to an end. Here are the top five signs that a marriage is coming to an end.

1. You dream about a life without your spouse. It is not uncommon for us all to wonder “what if” during our day-to-day lives, but when you start thinking about how your life would be better without your spouse, you’ve definitely got a sign that your marriage is in trouble

2. You keep things to yourself. I’m surprised at how often clients come in and tell me that they simply quit communicating their needs and concerns to their spouse. When your marriage has reached a point to where its not worth it to “bother” your spouse with your concerns and needs, this is another sign the marriage is in trouble. Open communication is a key to any successful relationship, and holding things back from your spouse is quite unhealthy to the marriage.

3. You feel like you are the only person trying to make the marriage work. If you feel that your spouse is not putting the same amount of effort into the marriage, then feelings of resentment and anger can really kick in. Anger sometimes fuels people to make rash decisions, however the feeling of a lack of reciprocal effort is a definite sign the marriage is on rocky grounds.

4. You lack intimacy. Sex is part of any healthy marriage. If one spouse seems uninterested in sexual intimacy with the other, this is a sign the marriage is in trouble. Even more so, if one spouse is withholding sex as a form of “revenge” then this too indicates a storm is brewing.

5. You feel like the bad in the marriage outweighs the good. This one ties in closely with all the other signs. If you feel there is more trouble in paradise, then there are some issues that need to be confronted.