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Do I Need Expert Witnesses For My High-Asset Divorce?

In high-asset divorces, the stakes are significant. If you want to obtain the best outcome in your divorce, using third-party professionals, such as expert witnesses, to support your case can help enhance your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

In today's blog, we discuss whether you should utilize an expert witness for your case. To schedule a consultation with our team for your divorce, contact us online or via phone at (972) 852-8000.

Reason: You Believe Your Spouse Is Hiding Assets

In many high-asset divorces, one party attempts to hide assets from the other to obtain a better result in their property division case. Doing so violates the fiduciary duty spouses hold to the court and each during divorces, and can result in legal penalties, but hidden assets are still common - especially in high-asset divorces with property worth millions on the line.

If you believe your spouse is hiding assets during your divorce, an expert witness such as a forensic accountant could be just what you need. Highly trained forensic accountants can help you uncover hidden assets and display proof to the court, helping you get a better result in your case.

Reason: You Need a Helping Hand During Custody

Expert witnesses can be invaluable during custody cases, testifying that one parent is indeed acting in their child's best interests. Bringing an expert witness on board for your custody case could enhance your chances of getting a custody arrangement that enables you to spend more time with your child.

Reason: You Need to Justify a Medical Condition

Medical conditions can play a big role in divorces, impacting alimony, child support, and property division arrangements. If you have a medical condition that changes your divorce, consider bringing an expert witness, such as a physician, in to testify on your behalf. They can display evidence that the court may evaluate with less skepticism than your own first-hand accounts.

Reason: You Own a Business

If you own a business, an expert witness in the form of a business valuation professional may be required by the court. A financial professional who understands how to value your business could help you get a better outcome when it comes time to distribute your enterprise during property division.

As you can see, expert witnesses can fill a number of vital roles during high-asset divorces.

At O'Neil Wysocki, our team can connect you with expert witnesses you can trust to provide you with crucial testimony to support your case. To work with us on your high-asset divorce and get the legal counsel you deserve for your case, contact us online or via phone at (972) 852-8000.