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Survival Tips for Your Divorce

At O’Neil Wysocki, our team of experienced lawyers are dedicated to helping our clients in Texas resolve their family law disputes. From negotiating child custody agreements and child support responsibility, to uncovering hidden assets, our attorneys provide knowledgeable, professional, and effective legal counsel for all matters related to family law.

Getting ready to separate from your spouse can be stressful, which is why we are here to help make sure you are ready to move on with your divorce proceedings. In this blog, we recap Chapter 2 of Michelle May O’Neil’s book, What You Need to Know About Divorce in Texas, to help you protect yourself and prepare for your divorce.

12 Tips to Survive Your Divorce

  • Tip #1: Prepare yourself for battle. Divorce proceedings can be contentious, though they don’t have to be. Spouses often struggle to reach an agreement and don’t always get along well enough to compromise on the issues they can’t resolve.
  • Tip #2: Think about the timing of your divorce. Ask yourself if divorcing now would be beneficial. Consider what assets you will be entitled to if you were to postpone getting divorced. Sometimes it might benefit you to wait until the 10 year mark to get divorced. In Texas, a claim for maintenance usually can’t be made until after the spouses’ 10th anniversary.
  • Tip #3: Consult with an attorney to make sure you get advice that applies to your situation. Getting insight from a judge about your case can also be helpful because they can explain how the law might vary from county to county.
  • Tip #4: Collect the information you need to build a strong case. Gather documents related to your financial accounts, real estate properties, and debts.
  • Tip #5: Never put your kids in the middle of your divorce. Instead, try to work out an arrangement where both parents can be involved in the children’s lives.
  • Tip #6: Don’t talk too much about your divorce. Keep your conversations with others about your divorce brief. Don’t reveal information to people who may still be in contact with your ex. Never use social media to vent about your divorce.
  • Tip #7: To keep your spouse from having total access to your finances, make sure you have your name on any bank accounts or deeds that require joint signatures.
  • Tip #8: Account for all of your assets. From bank accounts to expensive jewelry, you need to know where every penny is at. Although both spouses have to disclose their assets, some are more forthcoming than others.
  • Tip #9: Protect your credit from your spouse. You will need to have a good credit score to start the next phase of your life. Avoid co-signing on anything if you think you will be getting divorced.
  • Tip #10: Save some cash. Start stashing your cash away before you file for divorce. Remember, there is a good chance your spouse is already doing this.
  • Tip #11: Update your resume. There is limited spousal support and alimony provisions in Texas, so you might need to find a way to quickly support yourself.
  • Tip #12: If there is any physical violence, call the police. Make sure to preserve evidence of the abuse and take pictures of bruises and other injuries. Get medical attention if necessary.

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