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Small business issues in a Texas divorce

On Monday, February 29, 2016, Attorneys Michelle May O’Neil and Jere Hight presented a webinar on Small Business Issues in a Texas Divorce through the West LegalEdcenter, a Continuing Legal Education resource for attorneys looking for accredited educational opportunities within their given practice area. West LegalEdcenter hosts its webinars for 180 days, allowing lawyers to access the content at their convenience.

In the hour-long session, Attorneys O’Neil and Hight discussed the added complications small businesses provide during the Texas divorce process, including the effect of the type of entity on the treatment of the business as marital property, methods used in valuation of the small businesses, and the characterization of the business as either separate or community property.

The attorneys also covered an often ignored topic: the continued operation of a jointly-owned business following the completion of the divorce. When spouses wish to continue to run their business together after their divorce, ongoing operation agreements may be required. Other actions, such as securing pay-off judgments and the withdrawal of a spouse from the business entity were also discussed.

“Small Business Issues in a Texas Divorce” will be available from West LegalEdcenter until Saturday, August 27. For information on the presentation and West LegalEdcenter, please visit