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Pornography in Texas Divorce

All too frequently, the issue of pornography comes up in divorces across the state of Texas. Whether it is an addiction to pornography, sexting a photo to a spouse or paramour, or videos of sexual acts, pornography has taken the divorce stage front and center.

Recently, the Dallas Morning News reported a story of a woman by the name of “Lisa” whose ex-boyfriend posted nude photos of her he had secretly taken to dozens of websites. Lisa did not become aware of the nude photos until she began receiving threats. The Dallas police and prosecutors are building a case against Lisa’s ex-boyfriend for his online rampage and cyberbullying.

Software Company McAfee released the following statement earlier this month:

“68 percent of more than 1,000 American adults in McAfee’s annual survey said that they have shared intimate messages or photos from their cellphone. While that shouldn’t be such a big deal because it’s consenting adults doing it amongst each other, the fact of the matter is that we know throughout history that half of all relationships end and they are communicating this digital data to people who may very well not be in their life a month of a year from now.”

No matter how much you are in love or how much you trust your significant other and/or spouse, I strongly advise any person to not distribute or participate in any form of pornography – Unless you do not mind this exchange being viewed by an attorney, a judge or possibly a jury. The McAfee survey was also quoted as stating “roughly 9 percent of the survey respondents said an ex has threatened to post risqué photos of them online and about 57 percent of those people said the threat was carried out.” The divorce process can be nasty and people can say and do things they would not ordinarily do under different circumstances. Do not give your spouse any ammunition.