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Social Study Evaluation: Free Booklet Download Available

O’Neil and Attorneys announces the release of its latest publication – a booklet entitled Social Study Social Study Evaluation booklet.Evaluation. When going through a contested custody case in a family law matter or divorce in Dallas and throughout Texas, judges frequently seek the assistance of a social worker to evaluate the circumstances of each party and make recommendations about conservatorship and possession/access for each party – this is called a social study. This booklet is designed to be a guide for family law clients going through a social study evaluation as part of a contested custody case. The booklet covers topics such as the initial interview, the home visit, completing the social study questionnaire, and what to expect in the social study report.

Michelle May O’Neil has authored numerous publications. Her first book, All About Texas Law and Kids, was published in 2009 by Texas Lawyer Press. Her second release, Basics of Texas Divorce Law was originally released in 2010, with a second edition released in 2012 to update legislative changes. Also in 2012, Ms. O’Neil published the firm’s first booklet What You Need To Know About Common Law Marriage in Texas. The booklet about social study evaluations is the second in a planned series of booklets about various family law topics.

The booklet is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD on our website. It is also available in print format at the O’Neil and Attorneys offices in Dallas, Texas.