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How much will a prenup cost?

The cost of a premarital agreement in Texas depends on how complex the agreement is going to be. A couple with complex assets and debts may have a more involved discussion about how to handle their property in the event of death or divorce. The contentiousness of the negotiations also determines the amount of time an attorney may have to spend drafting the prenuptial agreement in Texas and therefore the total cost of the process. A third factor that can influence the cost of obtaining a premarital agreement in Texas is the proximity of time between the drafting of the premarital agreement and the wedding date. Ideally, the premarital agreement process should begin a couple of months prior to the wedding. The closer in time to the wedding, the more careful the attorney must be to cover all of the bases in the process.

As with any matter that involves an attorney, the legal fees can range widely based on the qualifications of the attorney, complexity of the financial estate, and the contentiousness of the negotiations. Usually attorneys bill for their time at their hourly rate multiplied by the number of hours spent on the matter.

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