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All About Texas Law and Kids Book Release

Dallas Divorce Lawyer Michelle May O’Neil announces the release of the book All About Texas Law and Kids, a book co-authored by Bobbi Sheahan, Michelle May O’Neil, Claudia Cano, and Sharon Ramage. Children are relevant to every aspect of the law, and they cannot represent themselves. From the seizure of the FLDS children to the debates over what is taught in schools, the intersection of kids and the law is front-page news every day in Texas. This book is a useful resource to practitioners, parents, and non-parents alike.

Can a grandparent sue for visitation?

Can a former love interest sue for visitation?

Who is legally responsible for vandalism committed by a 16-year-old or a 6-year-old child?

Can a 12-year-old child decide where she is going to live?

What is an open adoption and is it the right fit for you or your client?

Where do you start with a special needs student?

Are you advising a client on the employment of minors?

What happens when a child gets hurt?

Written by leading family law experts, Bobbi Reilly Sheahan, Michelle May O’Neil, Claudia Cano, and Sharon Ramage, All About Texas Law and Kids answers all of these questions and many more. This pocket-size resource includes sections on:

The Rights and Obligations of Parents

Child Protective Services

Custody and Child Support


Education: Homeschooling, Public and Private Schools

Special Education

Children and Criminal Law

Children and Employment

Kids, Sex and Texas Law

Kids and Vehicles

When is a kid not a kid?

Kids and Contracts

All About Texas Law and Kids is published by the Texas Lawyer, an IncisiveMedia publication. The book retails for $69.95 plus tax ($75.72).