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Tips for controlling attorney's fees

Make no mistake about it, divorces can be quite expensive. Notwithstanding, there are several ways that you can help reduce the amount of attorney and paralegal fees you incur in your case. As a Dallas divorce attorney our office has found that the following are quite helpful in controlling costs:

  1. Communicate with your attorney via email. A typical day for me involves reviewing hundreds of emails and returning several phone calls. Putting your thoughts down in writing helps you to single out what your concerns are when you talk to me. With that in mind, when you email me, try and be as concise as possible. In doing so I won’t have to dig through your email to determine what the question or concern is.
  2. Keep accurate financial records. In all likelihood you will be required to file an inventory and appraisal of the community and separate estates. By keeping up with your financial records, or at a minimum knowing where to readily obtain them, you can greatly reduce costs. If you don’t keep accurate records, or know where to get them, either I or my staff will have to obtain them for you and then sift through them.
  3. Understand that while I genuinely care about you and your case, I have to charge you for my time. With that in mind, try to limit our communications to the subject at hand. We are genuinely empathetic to all our clients and are very passionate about what we do, but if your emotions are running high, you can save a good deal of money by talking to a counselor, friend, clergy member or family member.
  4. When our office sends you something for your review and approval, please do so as soon as possible. If I or my staff have to contact you to remind you about a task, you will incur fees.

If you keep these tips in mind, you can greatly reduce the amount of attorneys fees in a divorce case. These tips are simply guidelines and not hard and fast rules. When seeking out an attorney, it is completely appropriate for you to ask how you can help control costs. If the prospective attorney does not have an answer, I suggest you keep looking.